Thursday, November 1, 2018

November meeting

Date:         Nov. 3, 2018
Time:        10 AM to 12 Noon 
Location:   Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra Beach

For our program we’ll have a special guest from the St. Johns Cultural Council.

Hala Laguidara, Business Development Director for St. John's Cultural Council will present to us the many benefits available to local artists and art associations through their "ArtReaches" program. Some of these benefits include free professional development programs, marketing and promotional support, and advancement workshops. You are welcome to explore their website at:

 She’s also preparing to talk about the cost free benefits available to those living in St Johns County.  Also Hala is bringing a colleague who works on the Historical Culture Council to talk about how the Pastel Society and members can benefit.

 Hope to see you all there

Thursday, October 25, 2018

A beautiful day at Earth Works

Earth Works on Beach Blvd. certainly lived up to its reputation as a cool place to have a plein air day.

In addition to all their plants they certainly had lots of fountains and ponds and gardens.

Even koi swimming in some of the ponds. Something for everyone.

There were various shelters to set up in the shade.

And paths naturally shaded by the many trees. 

Good to have hats though as the sun did move around and took some of the shade away!

It was a lovely day, especially the morning, but it did grow hotter as the day went on.

There was no available picnic table for our usual post-morning picnic but many folks had brough chairs anyway and we did find a shady spot to have our lunch and share our work of the morning.

I didn't get everything alas, but here is a sampling of some of the morning's work - as usual, in various shades of completion:

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Earth Works plein air

 (Photo - Stephen Dunn)

What:     Plein Air paint-out
When:    Saturday, October 6, 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Where:   Earth Works, 12501 Beach Blvd., Jacksonville, FL

It's October and that means it's time for our first plein air paint-out of the season. This will be a new venue for most of us, the Earth Works garden center on Beach Blvd.

  (Photo - Stephen Dunn)

Other groups have been there though and have nothing but praise for the fascinating possibilities for painting there.

 (Photo - Stephen Dunn)

There certainly seem to be possibilities for everyone! As usual we will meet at 9 AM for a morning of painting.  I have not visited Earth Works myself yet so don't know what sort of facilities they might offer us for a picnic but I'm sure we can find somewhere. We certainly all enjoy sharing a meal together and doing a "show and tell" of our morning's work. 

I hope to see folks there on Saturday, and let's hope for nice weather.

Monday, October 1, 2018

new Season - September

(photo courtesy of Kathleen Trued)

September 8th kicked off our new fall season. Thanks to Cindy and Paula for getting everything going for the new season.

 (photo courtesy of Kathleen Trued)
We had a nice turnout for the fun event planned.

(photo courtesy of Perry Russell)

This was a "paint-around" with four artists each working on the same surface - but each with their own reference photo. They started on their own reference for 15 minutes. Then had to move along to the next painting for 15 minutes, and then the next. After an hour they each got 15 minutes back to their own original painting for finishing touches.

(photo courtesy of Kathleen Trued)

Our four artists were (L=>R): Richard Lundgren, Jessica Shippee, Pat Mahoney, and Rick Petersen.

(photo courtesy of Perry Russell)

Everyone else was fascinated to watch the progress of the four paintings. Below are the four finished paintings, all very beautiful!

 (photo courtesy of Perry Russell)

 (photo courtesy of Perry Russell)

 (photo courtesy of Perry Russell)

(photo courtesy of Perry Russell)

Next month will be plein air. Hope to see you all then.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

It’s September

From our President:

Hello all,
Hope you had a wonderfully Arty summer.

The upcoming meeting for the FCPS is September 8 at 10:00. I'm Expecting this will be a fun and illuminating meeting with a Paint Around by 4 of our talented members. (Am so sorry I'll miss it)

As I'm still out of town,  Our V.P., Paula, will be conducting the meeting and Cindy will be conducting the Paint Around. What a great opportunity to view a collaboration of talents and styles!

Also, the paintings that have been exhibited at Vicars Landing have been picked up and will be at the CC for you to retrieve at the meeting. If you can't be there to pick up your pictures, please have someone else pick them up. Or Janelle will pick them up. 

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Vicars Landing

When you've attended FCPS meetings have you ever wondered what was behind the gated and guarded entrance to TPC Sawgrass? I admit I always have! But of course I never had a reason to be able to get past the guards.

But right now we all do. The Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra Beach has an annex at Vicars Landing, a retirement community beyond the guarded gates.

After our juried show they asked if some of our paintings could be moved to the annex to be on display for a few months. At the guard house you can just say you want to go to Vicars Landing and those are the magic words to get through the gate. The annex is just behind the desk at the main entrance and a little off to the left.

Our show is small there compared to the show at CCPVB, but our paintings still look great and show off what pastels can do. The show will be up in the annex until September so you have the rest of the summer to go check it out.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

June meeting

We had an amazing meeting in June with 28 attendees at our final meeting before the summer break. President Carron Wedlund kept us up to date with things happening in the coming season, such as two new non-juried shows, plus of course our annual juried show next year, and we then had our annual election of officers for the coming season. These will be:
President:          Carron Wedlund
Vice President:  Paula Pascucci
Treasurer:          Jackie Piontek
Secretary:          Barbara Adams

Although I've given up the Secretary position after six years (!) I'll still be continuing on as webmaster and blogger and trying to keep you all up to date with our doings.

A lot folks brought in things for the Swap Meet and many of us went home feeling we'd picked up some terrific bargains.

 Then we all settled in with interest for the presentation portion of the meeting.

Framing without mats is becoming very popular in the pastel world. If you look back to our paintings from our spring juried show you will see many without mats. Richard Lundgren gave a comprehensive presentation on framing without mats.

Using spacers and tape he created a perfect airtight "sandwich" of the painting, the spacers and the glass, taped around the edges, that could just be dropped right into the frame.

And that concluded our June meeting, the last meeting until we begin again in the fall. Everyone mark your calendars! In September we will meet on the SECOND Saturday instead of the usual first, as the first Saturday falls on Labor Day weekend. We hope everyone has a joyous and artistically fruitful summer, and we look forward to meeting again in September. Stay tuned for details.