Sunday, October 2, 2016

Plein Air Butler

We had perfect weather and a great turn-out this morning for the first plein air of the fall season at Frank Butler Park West.  There were about 13-14 members who turned up to paint, new folks and old, and even a guest who painted a lovely oil.

We got to see our FCPS mascot, Maggie, though were saddened to learn that her owner, Steve, has moved many hours away from us now. However Steve will now be able to really concentrate on his art and we wish him lots of luck with that!

It was great to see folks and get to hear some stories about summer adventures.

It was a clear sunny day. The sun was a bit warm, but a light breeze, low humidity, and no bugs all made  for a good morning. There were enough sand spurs that we had to watch our footing though! Some folks braved sunny locations but many folks found shady spots to paint from.

As we usually do we broke in late morning, and shared lunch and snacks, and a show-and-tell. Here are some examples of the morning in various states of completion.

And don't forget our exciting demo with Kevin Arthur at our upcoming November meeting!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Plein Air - Frank Butler West

What:   First fall plein air
Where: Frank Butler County Park West
When:  Saturday, Oct. 1, 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

It's time again for plein air to start. Summer doesn't seem to want to let go but Saturday forecast right now shows a high of 80 degrees and a mixture of sun and clouds, so if the forecast holds that's not too bad.

Our venue is Frank Butler County Park West on the bank of the Matanzas River. It's easy to find. Just take St, Johns County route 206 out to A1A, head north, and the park will be on your left.

There are plenty of views and spots to set up along the river itself, or smaller streams leading into the river. Plenty of water and open sky.

The park also has a boat ramp. If the weather is as predicted there are likely to be plenty of boaters there also, so please be mindful of that when you park, and when you choose your plein air setups.

There are also small ponds, often with birds and wildlife, along the roadway leading into the park itself. Also, of course, restrooms, as well as covered picnic pavilions.

So come with your pastels, hats, sunscreen, bug spray, water, and don't forget to pack a lunch so we can all eat together and have a show and tell for those so inclined.

And don't forget to put out next general meeting, November 5th, on your calendar. Our own Kevin Arthur, an excellent portrait artist, will be doing a demo for us. More details to follow.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

It was a busy summer

It was fun to kick off a new season with FCPS - our first general meeting with our new President, Cindy Pierson. We all look forward to working with Cindy in the coming year.

Members all brought in works from their summer vacation. It was a wonderful variety of subjects and styles, with some members trying out different subjects from their usual, and doing a wonderful job with them!

We had about 25 members in attendance which is a great turnout. We had a brief business meeting and got to hear about possible workshops and events for the coming year. We still hope to hold a fall Member Show if we can find a venue.

Our FCPS book and DVD library was on display as well - only $2 for a two-month rental! Several members took advantage of this and rented items.

After the business meeting Cindy went around the room displaying the various works members had brought in.

Some folks had already begun removing their works from the easels before I got around to taking photographs so I'm sorry  for those folks whose work is not pictured here, but here is a sample of all the works done over the summer so you can see the variety.