Sunday, August 18, 2019

Summer and Fall

We hope everyone has been having a great summer. We began summer this year with our workshop from Tony Alain, an amazing English pastelist.

All those who attended said it was well worth it.

And many who couldn't were able to come to his public demo on the Sunday following the workshop.

I hope everyone wound up in a painting mood and were able to enjoy getting things done over the summer.

Now our fall season is approaching and we hope you'll enjoy the things coming up.

Our fall kickoff meeting will be on Saturday, September 7, at the Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra Beach and we look forward to seeing one another again after the summer hiatus. Noted pastel portraitist Kevin Arthur will do a demo for us.

Then mark Saturday, October 5 on your calendars for our first plein air of the season at beautiful Alpine Groves Park on route 13 in Switzerland, FL, on the east bank of the St. Johns River.

And later that month we are having a one-day workshop with Donna Grasso on Saturday, October 26. If you don't know Donna yet you'll definitely want to.

So keep an eye open here and in the calendar and in your emails, and we'll have a lot more details coming up about upcoming events.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Tony Allain demo - time change

Some lucky folks are really looking forward to the Tony Allain workshop this coming Friday and Saturday. Tony comes to us all the way from England so it's quite a privilege to have him with us for a few days.

For those who are not attending the workshop Tony will be giving a demo for us on Sunday the 16th at 12 PM, so this will give everyone who wants a chance to see this wonderful artist.

NOTE: There has been a time change. The demo is now 12-2 PM instead of 1-3. Please note the new time

Ending the season

 President Carron Wedlund welcomed us all to our last meeting of the season before our summer break. We had a great turnout of about 27 people.

It was nice to see everyone to talk, and to take a look at the "flea market" items that other members had brought in to sell or even just give away. 

After the business meeting we went on to the day's event, the paint-around. Even though we had some 27 in attendance we was only 8 people volunteer for the paint-around, so we had lots of folks watching as we worked.

To recap how the paint-around worked, Carron selected four different photos as references for the event, and had two copies of each photo. We had two teams of four, on each side of the room. 

Each person chose a starting easel, and when the timer began had 15 minutes to get a start on the painting, based on the photo at their easel. When the timer went off each person shifted right one easel (with the person on the easel at the end right coming around to the first easel on the left) and got 15 minutes to work on the second painting, and then the third, and then the fourth.

After the fourth they came back around to their own original easel and had a last 15 minutes to make last minute changes to the painting they started with. Since each team worked from the same four references there were two paintings done of each photo, so it was lots of fun to see how the paintings came out. Here are the eight paintings from the paint-around, showing the different interpretations of the photos. At the end each artist got to keep the painting from their starting easel.

A good time was had by all, both the painters and the watchers! And then it was time for summer break. Some folks were headed off to the IAPS convention. Some looking forward to our upcoming workshop with Tony Allain, or the Tony Allain demo. Otherwise, see you in September.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Join the paint around

The next meeting is upon us, this Saturday, June 1. For this meeting we’ll have a paint around or multiple paint-arounds, depending on how many want to participate. Remember last September when we had 4 members in a paint-around? Basically the painters within each group paint 15 minutes then rotate to the next painting like musical chairs. This time we can have more 4-member paint-arounds going on at the same time. If you would like to participate, bring your pastels, a support and pastel paper. The reference pictures will be provided. The groups will be decided then.

We anticipate this will be a fun, no pressure, anything goes event, not to worry about producing a masterpiece. Those who don’t want to paint can observe and I expect there will be a lot to watch. It’s about the group activity of painting together, not necessarily about the outcome.

Also this Saturday we will accept nominations and vote on the new board. We need a new treasurer.  Jackie has the treasury very well organized to ease one into the position. And we need a new recording secretary. Please consider either of these positions. Our organization cannot function without them.

And finally we’ll have our garage sale. Bring any art related (or craft supplies) you’d like to sell or give away. Please have them priced with your name displayed.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Dutton plein air day

We were pretty lucky with the weather for our Dutton Island paint out, and Dutton is a wonderful place with lots of water and sky and salt marshes. Yet almost no one showed up! I know I was sick with a bad cold and couldn't face that long drive, but where were others?

Of course the night before was our juried show opening reception, and maybe many people were tired out from that long evening and were not up to getting up early in the morning to paint.

So Tish, Kim, and Carron were the only stalwart three who showed up to paint. But it does look like they had a nice morning to share with one another.

And each had fun painting something during the morning. Thank you Carron for sending me these photos of the day, 

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Juried show - the rest of the entries

Here are all the other paintings in our show. As usual there are some issues trying to photograph paintings under glass, although this year the lighting was rather flat so it wasn't as hard to photograph as it often is! But I do like to show the paintings as they are hung because I find the framing to be interesting too, and a great part of the overall feel of the painting. So enjoy these, and as usual you must go see the show in person to see them in their best light.

 Barbara Adams - Reflections
 Jane Alexander - Bird Island Park
 Helen Anderfuren - End of the Trail
 Helen Anderfuren - Walk in the Park
 Janet Christenson - Sunset on the Bay
 Debbie Cusick - Winter Harbinger
 Wendy Devarieux - Along the Rhine
 Wendy Devarieux - Coastal Dunes
 Kathleen Duffy - Buddah #3
 Renee Faure - Wandering
 Arlene Hanly - Palm Sentinals 
 Betsey Hogan - At the Cummer
 Letitia Hubbard - Harry and David Unwrapped
 Letitia Hubbard - Suzie's Mangoes
 Janice Jackson - Beneath
 Keri Keene - Oranges in the Harvest Bin
 Sherri Lewis-Seals - Birthday Flowers
 Richard Lundgren - Caw Caw Marsh
 Richard Lundgren - Vanishing Shoreline
 Patrick Mahoney - Breaking Dawn
 Patrick Mahoney - Mom
 Rebecca Pasko - The Promise
 Rick Peterson - Dune Morning
 Rick Peterson - Up and Over
 Cynthia Pierson - Bass Man
 Cynthia Pierson - Fear
 Jacqueline Piontek - Just Whisper
 Jacqueline Piontek  - Still Waters
 Perry Russell - Glowing Morning
 Perry Russell - Morning's Promise
 Corinne Samuels - Hucklebeary Fin
 Christi Shatzel - A Path to the Woods
 Christi Shatzel - Nostalgia
 Christi Shatzel - The Happiest Man
 Jessica Shippee - Atlantic and 1st
 Jessica Shippee - The Gathering
 Jessica Shippee - Window Seat
 Solene Tartivelle - Rustling Leaves
 Solene Tartivelle - Singing Tomorrows
 Kathleen Trued - Which Way is it?
 Janelle Wagoner - In the Weeds
 Janelle Wagoner - Paired
 Carron Wedlund - Mirror Mirror
Carron Wedlund - Poppy Proud