Wednesday, September 2, 2020

New Season


Well it's hard to believe that it's almost September now in this crazy year. It's been a couple months since we last got together via Zoom back in June.

But Zoom is still a fun way to connect, and we got to see some great suggestions from Janelle and Tish,  and tried to do so with Patrick, but his internet connection didn't cooperate!

And most exciting was participation by our group founder, Lyn Asselta, all the way from her new home up in Maine, and she even did a demo for us! Technology can definitely be a blessing in these interesting times. 

She finished up her demo piece after the meeting and you can see that, as usual, it's a stunning Lyn piece. 

Now we are headed into the new season. Our first meeting will be a week later than usual since our normal meeting time falls on Labor Day weekend. I hope everyone is remaining well and healthy.

Date:    Saturday, September 12
Time:   10 AM to noon
Place:  The Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra Beach

Our original plan was to meet outdoors in the courtyard, but now they tell us we can use our normal meeting room, appropriately distanced and wearing masks. No set meeting topic but we will talk about our society and ways we can stay active in this coming season. We may be including more chances for plein air since being out in the open air is good for us all. 

There are only a limited number of people who will be allowed into the building at any one time, so if you want to attend this meeting you must RSVP so we can keep a tally. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Washington Oaks, and **UPCOMING **

Although it was a chilly day we still had a few hardy souls who made it to lovely Washington Oaks for our plein air day, along with some members of the First Coast Plein Air Painters. It certainly looks like some beautiful work was done.

But sadly, it looks like that may be a last get-together for a while! It took place just shortly before the big explosion of the Coronavirus, Covid-19. Many of us are now at home, sheltering in place. Face-to-face get-togethers are not recommended at this time.

Here's what we know so far for the FCPS.

- All normal scheduled events for the season have been cancelled. No group meetings in April or June, no plein air event in May.

- Our upcoming juried show is now on hold. We are trying to work out a new date but since the Cultural Center is closed for the time being we can't get with them to schedule. We are *hoping* that we can schedule the show for this coming November, but nothing is set yet so stay tuned.

- Our Aline Ordman workshop is also postponed. Again we currently have dates set for November 7-8 (with demo on November 6) to coincide with (we hope) our juried show. No dates about the show at this point. If you are signed up for the workshop you should be getting information about requesting a refund if you can't or don't want to sign up for the new dates. Otherwise we hope you'll still be able to attend once we get the new dates worked out.

Although we can't meet face to face we've been trying to think of ways we can interact virtually. If you are interested in this you could start out by installing Zoom  on your PC or phone as this may be a platform we will be using.

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Washington Oaks paint-out

The weather looks cool but sunny for our Saturday paint-out at beautiful Washington Oaks State Park in Flagler County. 

Be sure to be warm, but there is plenty to see and enjoy at Washington Oaks.

From the Intracoastal Waterway to the Atlantic Ocean, with amazing gardens in-between. We usually paint from about 9 AM until 11:30 - 12:00 and then break for lunch. If you like please bring a picnic lunch as we share a meal and allow those who wish to do a "show and tell" of their artwork of the morning.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Walter Jones Historic Park

As long time members know, and new members should learn, we have monthly get-togethers from September to June, alternating between group meetings and plein air paint-outs.

But some members have felt it was a shame having to wait two months between paint-outs, so we decided to inaugurate a new policy of having a paint-out on the second Saturday on the months that we have our general meeting on the first Saturday.

This month was our first month to give it a try and we held our paint-out at the Walter Jones Historic Park in Mandarin.

The weather was lovely on Saturday, cool and crisp and sunny. About a half dozen of our members showed up to paint, or even just to visit, so I'd say it was a success.

March will be our "regular" plein air on the first Saturday, at lovely Washington Oaks State Park, so stay tuned for more details. And in April we'll have our second Saturday plein air as well.

Monday, February 3, 2020

Edmund Greacen Presentation

It was great to see all who attended our very exciting meeting this past Saturday. President Carron Wedlund welcomed us all and brought us up to date on upcoming news, like our annual member show, upcoming workshop, some fun new plein air opportunities. 

We had around 30 in attendance which was a really good number for us. They must have definitely wanted to hear our topic.

Our presenter was our own member Renee Faure. Renee gave a wonderful PowerPoint presentation on her grandfather, Edmund Greacen.  Graecen was an American Impressionist painter who worked in the early half of the 20th century, and also ran, for 20 years, the Grand Central School of Art in Manhattan.

He has had a special exhibit of his works up at our own Cummer Museum for the past year (which sadly, just came down yesterday) but for those of us who didn't make it to the Cummer Renee brought a couple of his works in. 

They were beautiful and it was amazing to think about this talent in the family. Early in his career he also lived in Giverny, in France, where many other noted painters lived. 

This beautiful map of Giverny is Renee's own creation and shows where many of the other artists lived in that era. The Greacen family lived at number 7 on the map.

Renee talked about her family history, and her own mother Nan Greacen, was a noted artist in her own right, and wrote a number of books for the  Walter T. Foster publishing firm, with many examples of her own talented works.

And of course Renee is a gifted artist herself, and she says her daughter is an artist as well, so that brings us to four generations of wonderful artistic gifts in this family.

Everyone there loved the presentation and we thank Renee for putting together all this information for us to enjoy.

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Edmund Graecen

What:   General Meeting
Where: Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra Beach
When:  Saturday, Feb.1, 10 AM to 12 noon

Member Renee Faure will be presenting a Powerpoint presentation about her Grandfather’s work. Edmund Graecen, an illustrious painter of the time, documented the devastation of  World War I in his soft-impressionistic style. Renee will share with us details of his life and work. The collection has been on exhibit at the Cummer Museum and Gardens nearly a year and will remain until February 2.

We hope to see you there. And don't forget. February 1st is also the opening date for being able to submit your images for our spring juried show!

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Looking ahead - Aline Ordman workshop

We have an exciting spring coming up and one of those events will be a workshop with Aline Ordman, who will also be our judge for our annual juried show.

Aline's workshop will be:
April 25-26
and she will also do a demo on Friday evening:
April 24

Take a look at Aline's work. It's stunning. The workshop will be held at the North Shores Community Center in Vilano Beach.

Price for this great workshop will be:

Members: $375
Non-members: :400

Check our website. There is already a PayPal button up to accept your $100 deposit if you want to reserve a spot in this workshop. A write-up of what you can expect:

Dynamic Pastels
Using Abstract Thinking to Create Illustrative Paintings
Painting is learning to see. Often, we paint what we think we see because we all have preconceived notions of what something looks like. However, to really paint what you see, you must break down everything you are looking at into just abstract shapes. Don’t see a “house”, see a series of interlocking shapes. 
Aline is known for her vivid paintings and creative use of color. Working from their own photo references, students will transform these into pastel or oil paintings using the principles of color and design. Along with daily painting demonstrations, Aline will emphasize the understanding of color in terms of temperature, intensity and value while translating those ideas using pastel or oil techniques. We don’t have to paint green grass just because that’s what is in a picture. Experimenting with exciting different color while maintaining the value and intensity will serve as a great exercise in helping students expand their color sensitivity. Ten stroke exercises are fun to develop confidence in both decision making and interesting strokes. Let’s say goodbye to overworked tight pastels and oils and learn to create loose, bold but still illustrative paintings. Aline gives a lot of personal attention and works to develop the individual style of each student.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Plein Air luck

What a difference a week makes. Last Saturday was raw and rainy, but today the morning weather was about as nice as January can get in northeast Florida, and we were treated to one of of the most fascinating plein air sites we've ever had in our 8-year history. Yup, this month marks our 8th anniversary and this was a great way to start off our 9th year.

We had our plein air at Lion's Gate - an amazing private home in St. Augustine's history Lincolnville neighborhood.

In addition to the home itself it had amazing grounds, some of the contents of which were shown in the previous blog post.

The house was also right alongside the beautiful marshes with many birds along the marshes and flying overhead.

We had a great turnout also, with several new members and guests. Almost everyone spent quite a bit of time just wandering around admiring the amazing grounds and trying to decide what they wanted to paint.

There were no wrong choices, that's for sure.

But eventually folks picked their spots and began to work. Interestingly, despite the amazing house and grounds and statuary, most of our members gravitated towards the lovely marsh views.

But as I said, you couldn't go wrong. I have a soft spot for marshes and that was what I chose myself.

I had to leave a little earlier than normal so folks were all still working when I went around to see what everyone was doing, and to take some photos. My usual caveat is that the works are in various stages of completion, but today most were a little more preliminary than usual. But as you can see, the marsh was the favorite of all those who came. Here are the paintings from the morning that everyone was working on.

If I missed anyone I apologize! But it was a fabulous morning indeed. Later in the afternoon a cloud cover rolled in, and even some rain and sprinkles, so we were lucky that the morning was just right for us. I hope to see you all in February.

Friday, January 3, 2020

Plein Air **** NEW DATE ****

Hi All,
Well sadly the weather forecast has been looking worse and worse rather than improving, so it looks like Saturday the 4th is not going to be a good day for our upcoming plein air.

Fortunately the owner of this lovely place has agreed that next Saturday works for her just as well as this one.

So mark your calendars. The new date for this unique plein air event is:


You should have received info about the location in your email. All that remains the same, just one week later instead.

We hope to see all of you next week>